The City Attorney's Office represents the City of Dallas in all its legal matters.

That is quite a job! Our office handles approximately 500 lawsuits that are filed against the City every year. Additionally, we handle hundreds of thousands of cases involving violations of city ordinances that are filed annually in municipal court. Our office also advises the City Council, the City Manager, Boards and Commissions, and all City Departments on the many legal issues that arise on a daily basis at the city.

Finally, Our Community Advocacy Division focuses exclusively on proactive, community-oriented legal issues. Click on our Community Advocacy link to find out more about these programs.

It is a great honor and privilege to serve as your City Attorney.

Warren M.S. Ernst
City Attorney

  • General Counsel

    The General Counsel Division of the Dallas City Attorney's Office is composed of 30 lawyers that are primarily responsible for providing legal advice and counsel to the city council, city boards and commissions and city staff.
  • Litigation

    The Litigation Division handles claims and lawsuits involving the City of Dallas . The division is divided into sections that specialize in various types of legal issues.
  • Community Advocacy

    The Community Advocacy division of the Dallas City Attorney's Office is committed to the pro-active use of the law to resolve community-based problems by engaging residents and coordinating City services.